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Czas na coś mocnego.
Moi znajomi z Elade przygotowali mocny projekt dla wszystkich tych, którzy oddają się tanecznym zajawkom. Jest to pewnego rodzaju konkurs, w którym można zgarnąć same fajne rzeczy. Zbadaj wideo poniżej.

A tutaj cały opis (oryginalny):

Elade Street Wear presents:
“Show Your Creativity” With Us! Through your creativity to your own development!
Date – 10th May to 10th June 2015Prize – 250 euro cash, 125 euro to spend on
Download the beat made by Oerbeatz especially for this occasionRecord a 15 second routine that shows your best skills and put it on Instagram.
To take part in the challange you must tag your video with @eladewear @oerbeatz #eladepro #elade and follow us! 

You can download the beat from: 

More info at : 
Elade is Street Wear Brand which makes clothing dedicated to the followers of the good style and highest quality of clothing, First of all, these are people forming a crew that brings together some of the best Polish Hip-Hop artists – producers, bboys, rappers, writers, dJs. The aim of this challenge is a willingness to contribute to development of breaking in Poland and all over the world! 
Since music is an inseparable element of dance and it is something that evokes incredible emotions, one of the best Polish music producers and a representative of Elade Crew - Oer Beatz decided to prepare the beat for you at the same time issuing a challenge to you.
The whole challenge is called “Show Your Creativity”, as the creativity is the value that is so important for us and for every other artist. It’s the creative use of the capabilities that lie in each of us, that could give us the feeling of fulfillment.
4 Elements let’s reunite!

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Tak więc na salę i nagrywać dobre sety, a następnie upychać na Instagram.

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